Our Story

Based in Poole Dorset…

Early days

Established in 1997

The Hobie Centre was first established in 1997.  We quickly developed an RYA Multihull specialist training school and used our range of Hobie Cats and our team of instructors to train people to sail catamarans.  Many of those who trained with us fell in love with the sport and chose to buy a cat.  We helped match them to their perfect boat, and we even built a fleet of over 80 Hobie Catamarans of all different sizes at Rockley where we organised events and racing in the harbour.  At this time the team lived and breathed cat sailing and would do a day of coaching before heading out for an evening sail.  Happy Days!

We still love to sail Hobie Cats!

Of course, at The Hobie Centre, we still love to sail, and we have recently rekindled the Hobie Cat Class Association and organised a Hobie 16 Nationals through Poole Yacht Club.  We are looking forward to the event in May 2019 (25th-27th).  

Every week we like to join in with the regular Monday night Hobie 16 racing at Poole Yacht Club.

The Mirage Drive

A new means of propulsion…

In 2000 Hobie came up with the design for the Mirage Drive pedal system.  The Mirage Drive is a very efficient way of propelling a kayak along using the strongest muscle group in the body.  When the first Mirage Drive kayaks arrived in Poole it was a revelation.  The kayaks gave the team the ability to explore the far reaches of Poole Harbour that could not be reached on other boats.  They were comfortable enough for all day use and the pedalling motion didn’t seem to tire the legs, we were constantly surprised at the distance we were able to cover.  The nearly silent propulsion meant we were able to get up close to the wildlife around the harbour.  We knew that these new products were destined to be a success!

Kayak Angling

One of the fastest growing sports in Europe

What we didn’t foresee was that it would be Kayak Anglers that would be the biggest market for these new products.  We set about learning all about the sport of kayak angling and through our programme of sponsorship for the UK Hobie Fishing Team we have been lucky enough to be able to learn from the experts!   We can’t thank our fishing team enough for sharing their knowledge and enjoyment of the sport with us. 

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Island Sailing Trimarans

Great for Explorers

 These multi-function sailing boats kayaks have been a fantastic way of exploring the harbour and further afield.  We have taken them to Devon, Norfolk and France.  More adventurous travellers than us have taken them on a mile journey from Copenhagen to Istanbul, showing that the boat is excellent for all types of water; from harbours and estuaries to rivers and the open sea.  We have also thoroughly enjoyed the perfect mix of sailing and kayaking that is available from the Hobie Island Kayaks.  The UK Hobie Island Club is an active group that organise events around the country.

For the Future

Exciting New Products…

Alongside the Hobie range, we are going to sell a wider range of equipment for outdoor sports from fishing accessories to tenders, ribs and Ebikes.  As always, our main focus will be on providing good advice and customer service, matching people to their perfect kit and then giving them the chance to try before they buy.

Demos on the water today

The Hobie Centre, Rockley Beach, Poole, BH15 4LZ

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