Sail kayak tours

A unique and peaceful way to explore beautiful Poole Harbour.

An amazing sailing experience

You and your family can enjoy and relax with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Guided sail kayak tours

Guided Sail Kayak Tours are a fantastic way to explore Poole Harbour.  You and your family will be on your own Hobie Tandem Island accompanied by a Safety Boat and one of our RYA qualified instructors.  The instructor will guide you in how to use the kayak and the sail and they will also take you on a tour of the harbour.  There are 2 comfortable seats on the boat as well as a comfortable spot for children to sit on the trampolines.  The Sail Kayak is powered by a combination of 2 pedal drives and a large furling sail. Our instructor will help you to learn the basics of using the fully furling sail to propel you through the water.  The Hobie Tandem Island is a great introduction to sailing and it is suitable for everyone, even if you have never sailed before.   It is not possible for the boat to capsize so it is great for building confidence.  Thanks to the shallow draft of the boat it is ideal for exploring parts of the harbour that you can’t reach on larger boats, it is also a great way to spot wildlife as the Pedal drive allows you to approach almost silently.

“An unforgettable experience pedalling and sailing around the most beautiful parts of Poole Harbour” Roy

Who can go on a guided sail kayak trip?
You do not need any experience of kayaking or sailing to come on a sail kayak tour and you should go away at the end of the session with some new skills.  Children age 6 and up are able to join adults on the tours.  They must be water confident and be able to swim 50 metres.

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Sail kayak tour pricing

From Shore Thing (opposite Rockley Boat Park), at Rockley Park.

DurationPer boat & Instructor
2 hrs 30 mins£150
How long is the tour?
Our Sail Kayak Trips are two and a half hours long including 20 minutes on land to be shown the basic controls on the boat.The following equipment is provided:  neoprene trousers, spray tops and buoyancy aids.  We recommend that you wear a warm fleece layer under the spray top and bring a hat for early or late season tours.  You may also wish to bring: water, sun cream, neoprene shoes or old trainers.

There are a limited number of tours available each week so we recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

What to wear/take
We will provide you with buoyancy aids which must be worn at all times when you are out on the water. The kayaks cannot capsize so you would not expect to be immersed in water, however on windy days, there can be a bit of spray.  Wearing a pair of shorts or quick-drying gym trousers works well most of the time.  On cooler days you have the options to use the neoprene trousers and spray tops provided by us.  (We also provide small wetsuits for children.)   For early and late season rentals or windy days, you may wish to wear a fleece layer under your spray top and even a fleece or woolly hat to keep you extra warm.

You may also wish to bring: water, sun cream, neoprene beach shoes or old trainers.

Unsuitable weather
If the weather is unsuitable on your chosen day we will contact you via phone to reschedule to another date.  If it is not possible to fulfil your tour due to unsuitable weather then a full refund will be issued.

where to find us

By Car – Travel on the main road through Rockley Park towards the beach. Take the right bend downhill toward the beach. Shore Thing can be found on the left-hand corner 50 metres down the hill. (Opposite Rockley Boat Park)

On Foot – Walk down the footpath to the beach, cross the beach towards the carpark, passing the Harbours Edge Cafe on your right. Walk through the car park towards the boatyard. Shore Thing is about 75 m along the road on the right-hand side, after Rockley Watersports.